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Implants for ones own

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Implants for ones own

Implants for ones own

ID: F1508-06

Ageing, traumatization and bad lifestyle can all subscribe to weak bones that sooner or later require implants for bone tissue support or replacement. Present orthopaedic implants require revisions with time-consuming surgeries and long patient data recovery time. To enhance the grade of life of clients while reducing medical care costs, personalised, cost-effective implants are expected. Another critical aspect that needs to be addressed is developing a faster route that is manufacturing. Using laser that is selective (SLM) technology and developed suitable process and pc software solutions cost-effectively produced tailored joint implants becomes feasible. The procedure string integrating design software, web SLM and platform manufacturing was effectively pre-clinically validated through evaluation on pigs. Utilizing IMPLANT DIRECT's innovative solution that is software surgeons designed the implant shape for 12 pigs from their computed tomography scan data. Via computer-aided design (CAD), surgeons reviewed and finalised the 3D implant design ahead of manufacturing. Flexible SLM processes such as additive manufacturing (AM) had been accustomed cost-effectively make titanium medical implants.

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